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High precision GPS positioning for autonomous driving and precision agriculture

1 CM Real-Time Accuracy

High Performance GPS Powered By Blockchain Technology allowing for extreme positioning of up to 1 Centimeter accuracy 

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Digitalisation in the automotive and construction industry is growing at a rapid pace. One of the technologies that is actively being adopted is geo-referencing and precise positioning for accurately determining objects locations. New building projects are digitally prepared and realised before even putting a shovel into the ground. With more and more humans populating on more concentrated areas it is nowadays key to maximise the spaces available.


This is where precise positioning comes to play. The more accurate we can calculate the position of stationary and moving objects, the more efficient and cost-effective we can use our surrounding areas. This mostly happens with GNSS. (GPS is part of the GNSS satellite network)The issue currently is that GNSS on itself is only capable of achieving an accuracy of approximately 1 to 5 meters which is not enough for accurate positioning. As a reference, your mobile phone will not get more than 10 meter accuracy.


RTK Direct has come up with a solution to further improve the GNSS performance to an accuracy of up to 1 centimeter in real-time. 

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Marine. Precision.

Narrow inland waterways, lock systems and harbours require boats to navigate with utmost precision, sometimes leaving only a few meters between passing boats. Docking and undocking manoeuvres require special attention from the remote captain who monitors the process. In order to judge the situation correctly and if needed to remotely steer the ship, the remote captain needs to know the exact position of the ship down to sub-meter level.

Unmanned Arial Vehicles equipped with precision GPS for centimeter accurate data is a fast and cost-effective Land survey and Mapping solution. 

Collision Control in Open-Pit Mining 

Core mining technologies are geospatial and mapping systems that enable precise location of mine facilities and machines to be recorded, monitored and guided.

To achieve this level of control it is essential that position is known to between 1 cm and 10 cm. This accuracy can be delivered with high precision GNSS, paired with RTK Direct correction data.

Precision Farming Solutions

The costs associated with agriculture are on the rise and environmental demands are gaining ground by the day, meaning efficient and sustainable farming solutions are needed more than ever. RTK Direct offers an affordable solution to move towards precision agriculture. In doing so, it enhances precision, eliminates waste, saves time, reduces fatigue, optimises the use of equipment (thus extending its lifetime) and increases crop yields.

Accurately Reconnecting The World



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