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Instant RTK – API

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RTK Direct correction network

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Our RTK VRS network is compatible with all types of RTK enabled GPS (GNSS) receivers. We give you centimeter accuracy whenever you want it and wherever you want it.


Affordable real-time accuracy

The world is changing rapidly and so is technology. Accuracy and positioning are key nowadays and thats where Real-time RTK VRS corrections come into play. First bound by country borders or controlled by a select few. Now open for the world to use. Affordable pricing and extreme coverage make it possible for everyone to implement accurate positioning into their systems.


We made sure that RTK Direct is compatible with all types of machinery and equipment when it comes to centimeter accurate positioning. Down below you can find a variety of industries where our customers are using it in. From Surveying to Drones, RTK Direct is the perfect solution for everyone to use. 

Instant RTK – API

Life made easy

Specially designed for software developers and hardware manufacturers. Integrate the “Instant RTK – API” into your system and give your customers the ease of use when it comes to RTK corrections.

With this API the process of filling in and connecting to our NTRIP caster will be fully automated. “Instant RTK” turns your system into a Plug & Play application when it comes to RTK corrections. 

Want to know what else it can do? 

We’ve got you covered

Good coverage is key to the performance of an RTK VRS network and so our mission is to expand further than ever before, covering more and more countries around the globe.  We’ll make sure we cover your area so you can work no matter where you are. 









Plans & Pricing

We offer various pricing schemes depending on the continent. Choose the plan that suits you best..

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RTK Direct offers a range of solutions for anyone that sells and promotes within this industry. From online sales to the traditional offline sales so that dealers and manufacturers can offer a complete solution to their customers. No matter how you work, we’ve found a way to make it work for you.

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