RTK Direct has placed the first RTK GNSS base station at it’s headquarters in The Netherlands


RTK Direct is expanding it’s coverage throughout The Netherlands and the UK


Early stages of Blockchain project planning. RTK Direct is testing and experimenting with different types of GNSS modules and software solutions

2022 Q1

Actively planning for RTK blockchain network

2022 Q2

Designing Blockchain infrastructure. Researching Hardware capabilities

2022 Q3

Actively started building and developing the RTK Direct ecosystem

2022 Q4

Designing and developing the first RTK Hotspots

2023 Q1

Launch and Release of RTK Direct Ecosystem

2023 Q2

Shipping of first RTK Miners to customer and release staking protocol

2023 Q3

Release network access for Real-time RTK Data

2023 Q4

Release Network access for RINEX Post Processing data

2024 Q1

Fully Activate CBH Protocol for Millimeter accuracy in Real-time

2024 Q2

Realise an active network of 1000+ RTK Hotspots

2024 Q3

Planning stage for Token Listing on major exchanges

2024 Q4

Listing on Major exchanges